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7 Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy/Sell on ETH & Solana – 2021



7 Best Nft Marketplaces To Buy/Sell On Eth &Amp; Solana – 2021

As the   NFT craze sweeps the globe, here are the best NFT marketplaces for the easiest way to buy and sell digital assets. The

 NFT has evolved into a very popular way to own digital assets. So we  see a whole new market created exclusively for buying and selling digital assets. 

  • What is the best NFT market?
  • Where can I sell my NFT? 
  • Where can I buy NFT?

 Now that you understand what NFTs are and what they offer in terms of digital ownership, you have brought  the best NFT trading platform for buying and selling digital assets.

 So let’s take a look at the options in earnest.

 Best NFT Trading Platform:

 1. OpenSea

  OpenSea is a decentralized platform for digital goods, including collectibles, in-game items, digital art, and other digital assets supported by blockchains such as Ethereum. In addition, OpenSea is also a digital asset aggregator and hosts digital assets available in other markets.

7 Best Nft Marketplaces To Buy/Sell On Eth &Amp; Solana – 2021
7 Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy/Sell on ETH & Solana – 2021

 One of the largest NFT marketplaces with an average 24-hour trading volume of around $3-5 million.

 OpenSea was founded in 2017 in New York by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah and has been a pioneer in NFTs ever since. The organization recently invested $23 million to take its vision to the next level.

 Transactions in OpenSea are done through  smart contracts, so no central authority stores your items. Instead, users store items in their favorite wallets. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile wallet like Coinbase Wallet or Opera Touch, or a built-in Chrome extension like MetaMask. It provides transparency, security and  better awareness of the work of authors through transaction immutability.

 OpenSea is known as a decentralized application (dApp), an interface for connecting users to the blockchain. The advantage of using OpenSea is that NFT creators, such as digital artists, receive royalties proportional to the value of their tokens.

 OpenSea utilizes Ethereum blockchain standard ERC721 and ERC1155 to ensure that the users and NFT creators do genuinely own the items they trade. The company has now started work on supporting the Flow and Polygon blockchains.

 OpenSea charges a transaction fee of 2.5% from the seller in addition to the gas fee charged for minting the token. Please note that no transaction fee is charged from the buyer of a token on OpenSea.


 Further, due to the increasing gas fee of the Ethereum blockchain, OpenSea has announced a plan to integrate an Ethereum scaling solution. The market has recently announced that it will add support for trading via the Immutable X decentralized protocol, and according to OpenSea, the technology offers instant transaction confirmation, improved scalability, and zero gas fees.

 Hopefully in the near future the platform will be able to get rid of fairly high gas rates.

  OpenSea provides the largest repository of NFT-related educational content beyond the market.

 Buy/Sell NFTs on OpenSea

 2. Rarible (RARI) 

 Rarible is the first community owned to create (“Mint”), buy and sell digital collectibles. NFT Marketplace. The project is based in Moscow and was founded in early 2020 by Alexey Salnikov and Alexey Falin.


 Any user can access the Marketplace to create and showcase their work. Users can also collect exhibited works by purchasing with Ethereum tokens. It is a non-custodial market, so you fully own your tokens. The platform also provides intellectual property (IP) rights to users through Proof of Provenance.

 Digital Toys is available on the Rarible Marketplace.

 At the time of  this list of the best NFT marketplaces, the average 24-hour trading volume was approximately $1.5 million USD. The fee charged by Rarible is $2.50 per buyer and  seller in addition to the gas fee charged to sellers for issuing tokens. The ultimate goal of

 Rarible is to transform the platform into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where all decisions are made by  platform users. For this, the RARI token will play an important role.

 RARI Token – Rare Platform Control Token The 


 RARI is the first control token in the NFT space.  Rarible becomes a fully decentralized autonomous organization as it grows in size and market presence. Thus, the RARI token serves as a governance token for the Rarible platform and allows RARI holders  to vote on platform updates and participate in curation and moderation.  The rights that RARI token holders will enjoy on the platform are:

  • Voting on the system upgrade
  • Moderating creators on the platform
  • Curating featured artwork

 Total RARI Tokens are 25 million, with a circulation of 24.98 million. Therefore, there is no possibility of further reducing the value of the token from a supply point of view. The coin has a market cap of $753 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $11 million.

7 Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy/Sell on ETH & Solana – 2021

 Rari Token can be used on the following exchanges:

  • 1-inch Exchanges: RARI / ETH

  Rarible NFT Marketplace Check

 3. SuperRare

SuperRare collections are social in nature. Digital collectibles are ideal for  social settings because ownership histories are transparent. The social level can facilitate the assessment of values ​​and other contexts associated with goods in the market.

The  platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and  standard ERC 721 tokens are provided for all digital art. The fees charged by SuperRare are higher because the art is completely unique. A 3% transaction fee  is charged to the buyer. However, the merchant’s transaction fee  is a whopping 15% (including gallery exhibition fees). Obviously, all these fees are in addition to the gas fee for issuing tokens on the platform. Additionally, for secondary sales of digital art (each secondary transaction), SuperRare pays the original creator of the NFT 10% of the transaction value as a royalty. The average 24-hour trading volume of the platform is $500,000. The

  platform is in its infancy and has not yet been fully deployed. As a result, he is currently accepting works from several selected artists. Interested artists can apply through the site. SuperRare  recently raised $9 million from investors to further develop its platform and launch it again next year.

 Visit the SuperRare NFT Marketplace


 4. Nifty Gateway

If you want to buy and sell NFTs and process payments by debit or credit card, you should choose Nifty Gateway. Nifty Gateway is a blockchain-based platform that provides access to today’s most popular visual arts and collectibles, from artists like Kay Adams, Kenny Scharf, John Burgerman and Trevor Jones to popular crypto game collectibles like CryptoKitties. Each collection opens at a specific time (drop) and is only available for a limited time.

7 Best Nft Marketplaces To Buy/Sell On Eth &Amp; Solana – 2021
7 Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy/Sell on ETH & Solana – 2021

 Nifty Gateway was founded in 2018 by the Cock Foster brothers (Duncan Cock Foster and Griffin Cock Foster). The company was later acquired by Gemini LLC, a cryptocurrency exchange website owned and founded by the Winklevoss brothers (Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss). ).

 Nifty Gateway describes its vision  to work with top artists and brands to create a “high-quality Nifties Limited Edition” collection exclusively available on the Nifty Gateway platform. The

 trading floor is centralized. However, a nice feature of the platform is that users can purchase NFTs using fiat currency, and sellers can withdraw their earnings by credit or debit card. However, PayPal is not yet available on the platform. Currently, withdrawals to bank accounts are only possible with US banks. Other users must withdraw to their Gemini account. The

 Nifty Gateway’s fee  is 5% + 30 cents plus gas. In addition, a surcharge of €10 will be charged for resale, the same amount will be paid to the original creator as  royalty. Buy/Sell NFTs on

  Nifty Gateway


 5. Foundation

 Foundation is another NFT that allows artists and collectors to sell, buy, auction, bid and bid on Ethereum-based digital art. platform. immutable token. Foundation is also a non-custodial smart contract platform with no access to  private keys.  In addition to the

 gas fee, the fund platform charges sellers a 15% transaction fee. The platform does not accept fiat currency trading, so you must have a cryptocurrency wallet  connected before trading. The

  platform has seen significant growth in  sales and trading volume in recent years. The average trading volume 24/7 is USD 300,000.

 The New York Times recently sold this digital artwork for $560,000 on its platform.

Buy/Sell NFTs on Foundation


 6. Mintable

 Mintable is a decentralized NFT marketplace founded by Zach Burks in 2018. The platform is backed by venture capitalist and cryptocurrency enthusiast  Mark Cuban.

 The Mintable is one of the first platforms to be able to cast without gas (although regular casting is also possible). Mintable has integrated Immutable X’s Tier 2 solution to issue NFTs without  upfront gas charges. In this way, producers can stay on the Ethereum platform and save on the huge gas costs paid to  Ethereum miners. Immutable X addresses all three  of the NFT scaling trilemmas: availability, scalability without sacrificing user control, and true decentralization. The same Layer 2 solution will be included in OpenSea in the near future.  The transaction fees for

 Mintable are as follows:

  • 2.5% for generic items
  • 5% for gas free items
  • 10% for printed materials

Check Mintable for the latest NFT

7. Enjin Efinity (Coming Market)

Enjin was founded in 2009 and transitioned to NFT in 2017 and  hopes to compete with Ethereum as its core platform for gaming tokens. A greener design is one of the benefits, as Enjin has announced a five-step plan for implementing carbon-neutral NFTs by 2030. The company has raised $37.8 million to date.

7 Best Nft Marketplaces To Buy/Sell On Eth &Amp; Solana – 2021
7 Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy/Sell on ETH & Solana – 2021

One of the problems with early blockchain cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin is that it requires a lot of computing power to mine coins and authenticate them with proof-of-work structures that require miners to solve complex computational problems. However, Enjin is moving towards “proofing” where  blockchain validation relies on fewer trusted computing partners for data validation. This verification method requires less energy.

Enjin already has a longtime market for game-primarily based totally tokens. However, it is going to be increasing into all dimensions of NFTs with its new undertaking Efinity. Enjin has currently raised USD 18.nine million for the improvement of Efinity, a next-era NFT blockchain made for games, apps, enterprises, and creators, constructed on Polkadot. Developed for Polkadot with Substrate improvement guide with the aid of using Parity Technologies, Efinity is a purpose-constructed blockchain for NFTs. Any NFT from any chain (e.g., Ethereum) may be moved to Efinity, supercharging it with many greater features.


 Efinity will permit NFTs to be used by certainly any industry, unlocking doubtlessly trillions of bucks in presently illiquid and precise real-global and virtual property. Efinity is constructed on Polkadot, a next-era, absolutely decentralized community this is fixing the biggest problems dealing with blockchains today: interoperability, scalability, speed, security, privacy, developability, and governance. Further, the transaction value for NFTs is predicted to be extensively decrease than the Ethereum community.

 To examine greater on Efinity, click on right here

 Efinity Token (EFI) – the governance token for the Efinity market

 The Efinity parachain makes use of decentralized governance so that you can be regulated with the aid of using its in-residence governance token EFI. Anyone can publish a proposal, and EFI holders have the possibility to vote on proposals and referendums.

 The token can be used for all transaction rate bills at the Efinity community.

 For the Efinity whitepaper, click on right here.


 NFT Marketplaces on Solana Ecosystem:

 It looks like the Solana environment is developing rapidly, and it is going to be the subsequent massive factor for NFT area. Thanks for excessive TPS and coffee transaction expenses, it’s miles already attracting many NFT tasks to be released on Solana.

 I can be doing a committed posts on Solana Marketplaces for NFTs, however for now right here are some first rate marketplaces:

  1. DigitalEyes: This one is presently in Alpha. Here you may locate many Solana primarily based totally NFT tasks.
  2. Solanart: This is every other undertaking this is developing rapidly.
  3. Solmees: 0,000 3-D voxel characters, in which every one may be minted as an NFT at the Solana Blockchain. When minting a SolMee, you also are registered at the blockchain as its creator, making you eligible to acquire expenses for any destiny trades of that NFT.

 More NFT marketplaces:

  • Randomearth: NFT Marketplace on Terra
  • – An unaudited NFT Marketplace on Terra environment

 So, the above systems summarise the first-class marketplaces to be had withinside the NFT area so far. Almost all of the famous virtual property to be had withinside the marketplace may be located on those NFT systems. There are presently greater than 50 NFT marketplaces to be had out of which a few are asset-unique which include Enjin and Decentraland and a few are widespread like Opensea which gives nearly some thing withinside the shape of a virtual asset.

7 Best Nft Marketplaces To Buy/Sell On Eth &Amp; Solana – 2021
7 Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy/Sell on ETH & Solana – 2021

 As a customer of virtual property, you have to usually live careful as no platform can 100% make sure the authenticity of the artist. You are recommended to do your due diligence earlier than making an investment in this kind of asset.

 Please word that I am now no longer a monetary consultant and not anything mentioned above is monetary advice. Please DYOR earlier than making an investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are NFT markets?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are authentic blockchain certificates for physical copies of unique, non-copyable art, images, videos, music, pixel punks.

Is there an NFT marketplace?

The NFT marketplace Theta Drop debuted in 2021 as a World Poker Tour digital collectible. Various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance support Theta, and purchased tokens and NFTs can be stored in the cryptocurrency wallet as well as Theta’s own cryptocurrency wallet application.


What is the best site to sell NFT?

The best sites to sell NFT are given in this video.

Which wallet is best for NFT?

Metamascus. Backed by ConsenSys and backed by the Ethereum Foundation, Metamask is undoubtedly the best NFT wallet for creators and collectors. It originally existed only as a browser extension that allowed users to connect directly to decentralized applications (dApps) such as those that support NFTs.

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10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold



10 Most Expensive Nfts Ever Sold

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are growing in popularity as investors and collectors want to take part in the latest blockchain craze – and some of the prices to pay for these coins are: foolhardy. 4,444 NFTs have grown in popularity throughout 2020 and 2021, with multi-million dollar art collections selling as digital jpegs and some of the biggest influencers and celebrities around the world are joining in the action.

Some of the most expensive pieces of art you can buy are from collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, despite what outsiders think the number. But which one is the most expensive? Let’s take a look.

( Note: Because of the volatile nature of the Ethereum blockchain, prices are in US dollars. Prices are based on the Ethereum price at the time of sale.)

10 Most Expensive Nfts Ever Sold
10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

 10. CryptoPunk #5217 – $5.59 million

The only Cryptopunk Ape on this list is #5217. In CryptoPunk #5217 we see a monkey wearing a knitted hat and wearing a gold chain, both desirable features. Number 5217, the 34th rarest Cryptopunk on the market, ranks 34th according to rarity. tools, so expect this to continue to rise in value.

9. Beeple’s Ocean Front – $6 million

BeepleOcean Front is Beeple’s third most expensive work to date. The price tags on Beeple’s work show that he’s one of the most renowned and respected digital artists. He has two works in the top 10, with Ocean Front depicting a combination of giant containers, a trailer and a tree, towering in the middle of the ocean.


8. One XCopy Coin for Ferry Driver – $6,034 million

One of XCopy’s first coins, “A Coin for the Ferryman” launched in 2018, but sold for over $6 million on November 4, 2021. The coin is a combination of The faces are scribbled on a colourful background, with GIFs making it sure to be unique and something owners can brag about proudly. After all, there may never be another room like this.

7. Carrefour de Beeple – $6.6 million

10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

Beeple`s Crossroad is just a 10-second short, depicting people walking past a large corpse with insults on it. People works are highly regarded because they offer something a little different from the classic NFTs you see – and the price speaks for itself.

6. CryptoPunk #7804 – $7.6 million

However, another Cryptopunk has been added to the list. We need to add another one CryptoPunk to the list, but certainly not the last,#7804 is one of nine “Alien” CryptoPunks, with a cap, tube, and sunglasses as well. This is something you would love to create when it first comes out.

5. CryptoPunk #3100 – $7.67 million

#3100 has become a much sought after NFT. A day after the sale of #17804, the #3100 became even more expensive than its brethren on March 11, 2021. 3100, another alien punk but this time with just a headband, is the seventh rarest CryptoPunk currently on the market.

4. CryptoPunk #7523 – $11.75 million

Among the most expensive CryptoPunks in the world. All of its CryptoPunk teammates are dwarfed by the #7523, the third rarity in the collection. It is also the most expensive. It now becomes a question of how much more they can be sold for with the two rarer CryptoPunks #7523.

 3. Beeple`s HUMAN ONE – $28,985

10 Most Expensive Nfts Ever Sold
10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

The Beeple is one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold, actually taking the top three spots on this list. The HUMAN ONE goes on sale on November 9, 2021, for just under $30 million, closely related to the previous play “Every day,” according to an interview with Christie’s. Talk about that…

2. Everydays : First 5,000 days – $69.3 million

Here’s another Beeple part and one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold to a single owner – and there’s a good reason for it. It is essentially a collage of 5,000 of Beeple’s works, and his artwork is widely known and respected in the community. Starting in 2007, he committed to creating one work of art a day, and that’s the result. Needless to say, it is worth it.


1. Pak’s “Merger” – $91.8 million

 Pak / NiftyThe Merge was purchased by 28,983 collectors for a total of nearly $100 million. The Merge officially became the most expensive NFT ever sold on December 2, 2021, with nearly 30,000 collectors rallying for a total cost of $91.8 million.

It’s the only NFT on this Top 10 list that has multiple owners, and it shows up at a crazy price. There’s no doubt that NFTs have become more and more popular over time, but it begs the question: how high is the NFT price cap? Needless to say, if you hold NFT, you can get quite a fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much was the most expensive NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the biggest crypto trends in 2021. The most expensive coin, The Merge by Pak, sold for $91.8 million. Work by NFT artist Beeple and NFT project CryptoPunks dominate the list of the most expensive NFTs sold in 2021 with some pieces selling for millions.

Can you make money selling NFTs?

With this, they can earn a portion of the sale price of the mentioned DTVs indefinitely. When 10% of the total sale price is set as a royalty on digital artwork, the original creator is entitled to receive 10% of the total sale price each time their work is resold.

What are examples of NFTs?

To know about the examples of NFTs check out the video.


What can I sell as NFT?

The items which you can sell as NFT are as follows:
Video games
Digital trading cards

Can anyone make an NFT and sell it?

The first thing to do to create an NFT is to choose an NFT platform to create and sell your NFT, as well as a payment wallet that you’ll need to use to pay the fees – and get paid if you’re lucky enough to sell the NFT which is yours. NFTs can be created and sold on many online platforms.

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CumRocket Cryptocurrency is hiking on the moon: Grab your purchase opportunity on 2022



Cumrocket Cryptocurrency Is Hiking On The Moon: Grab Your Purchase Opportunity On 2022

Cryptocurrencies are secure networks that expand the current file-sharing scenario. A cryptocurrency is a form of virtual or digital money that can be used to buy various kinds of goods and services. It is the most usable form of transaction in this new world of investment. Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency Hit an all-time high above $66000 this year. CumRocket Crypto ( CUMMIES ) were always on a chart of the investors who wanted to explore more in this crypto market.


CumRocket is a project (BEP-20 token) of Binance Smart Chain. It was introduced in April 2021, to construct a new volume on the 18+ adult content industry. In exchange for CUMMIES tokens, users can chat with anyone in the world, send text from every location, sext, make a new place by owning and subscribing to the content creators. Many other projects related to private content subscriptions and paid messaging are already popular but CUMMIES is now considered the most reliable and profitable place to invest.

It was designed to be a part of the certainly growing pornographic industry which is not only popular among the youths, to some extent – all over the world is trying to catch business opportunity through this.

Market of CumRocket

According to TechNewsLeader Price Index CUMMIES has a 24-hour volume of $10,549,332. The price value of it is changing by -5.9% every day. In the last 7 days, the price of cummies has fallen by 15.20%. The price declined by 6.70% in the last 24 hours.


Tech billionaire Elon Musk tweets the splash and a rocket emoji which is commonly used by CumRocket’s fans online, while he included a moon emoji signifying a price rising, direct“to the moon”. This shot the CUMMIES price up by nearly 400 percent in just 10 minutes. The price grew by 0.16%. The current price is ₹1.44865 per cummies. It is the most popular item right now which is acquiring a portion of the digital currency market.

CumRocket is 93.40% below the all-time high of ₹21.96. The current circulating supply is 1.3B (1,320,428,308.62) CUMMIES. A high market cap means the particular asset is highly valued in the market and CUMMIES is running on Rs. 1.8B.

How to buy CumRocket Cryptocurrencies?

This trend is recently spreading all over the globe. It’s very own 18+ NFT market is hunting for new content creators who can help in the growth of this platform. They can make it more enjoyable for adults.
To buy CUMMIES, one should go for PancakeSwap and most importantly CumSwap, CumRocket’s own exchange. Here CUMMIES can be bought against BNB tokens.

  1. The First one has to open an account. Getting BNB tokens with cryptocurrencies is the first thing to do, so a Binance account will do. During that process id proof will be checked.
  2. Metamask or Trust wallets will help to keep the personal keys safely. In the case of decentralized exchanges, transaction through Metamask is the best option.
  3. To connect the Metamask with Binance smart chain conversation of BNB tokens is mandatory. One has to click on the dropdown and change from “Ethereum Mainnet” to “Custom RPC.” After that one needs to send those BNB tokens to the Metamask wallet.

  • Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

4.- Finally the purchase can be made. One has to connect the wallet to After clicking on trade, the swap section will be activated, and the search for CUMMIES will go on. Transactions can also be done in this step.

There is a VPN available in the market which can boost the speed according to convenience. It does not risk your digital data in any way.

Buying CumRocket crypto is still on a volatile stage, where the global market price depends on the publicity of the tokens.


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what are NFT? non-fungible tokens simplified in 2022



What Are Nft? Non-Fungible Tokens Simplified In 2022

What is an NFT? How do I buy one? Why would I want to buy a digital file that I can just copy in a second? Is it just another bubble? \we’ll cover these questions and more. Today’s topic is NFTs. 

What are NFTs, AKA Non-fungible tokens?

What Are Nft

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, but what exactly is “Fungible”? Well, you can think of something fungible as interchangeable or as having no unique properties. So, for example, if I have a one-dollar bill and ask you to trade it with me for a different one-dollar bill, you probably won’t have any issue with that since they are basically two of the same thing.

 Meaning both dollar bills are fungible. However, if, by chance, you happen to have a rare dollar bill with unique markings or a unique serial number like, say, 12345678 or an actual binary serial number where all of the digits are either 0 or 1, you probably won’t be so inclined to trade it. These one-dollar bills are extremely rare and can be traded for up to 5000 dollars and more. 

In other words, these bills are non-fungible. They are unique and have specific attributes that distinguish them from the rest of the bills. So a non-fungible token is like a special dollar bill. It’s a digital coin that has unique attributes attached to it.

Fun fact, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are considered non-fungible in the sense that you can attach a certain history to a coin. Meaning, if a certain Bitcoin was used for illegal activity, it may be worth less than a newly minted Bitcoin with no history! 


Coming back to NFTs, they are basically unique coins, but what are they used for? Well, they are used to prove ownership of a certain digital file or a digital certificate of authenticity. Confused? Don’t worry, let’s break it down. When we look at a piece of art, a painting, for example, the original artwork is always much more valuable than its copies. And there are specific methods you can use to validate the authenticity of that painting. 

For example, receiving a certificate of authenticity. But when it comes to a digital file, how do you know what is the original and what is a copy? And does it even matter? Well, apparently, it does. In a similar way that people assemble physical art, digital goods are becoming very popular. For example, I can write an ebook and sell the first copy of it as an “non-fungible” token

Whoever buys it from me will have the right to say that they own the first-ever copy of my book. But here is where it gets tricky. You see, it’s not that I gave the buyer any rights to my book or anything tangible for that matter. I only gave the buyer the right to brag that they own the first copy. 

So unlike buying a painting in real life and taking it home, for example, with an NFT, you don’t have any power over the goods that you’re buying. That’s why it’s questionable as to how valuable NFTs actually are. I mean, a “non-fungible” token is worth only as much as the next guy is willing to pay for it. And if it doesn’t even exist in the physical world, well… some people find it a hard concept to grasp. 

What Are Nft

How NFTs Created?

Now let’s talk about how a “non-fungible” token is actually created. First, a creator creates a digital good, an image, a video, a tweet, a website, or anything else that lives in the online world. The creator then creates a coin,v or more accurately a token, on a blockchain that supports smart contracts like Ethereum, Cardano, or Solana. This token holds within it information about the digital goods that are being sold. This information includes the token name, the token symbol, and a unique hash that proves the authenticity of the “non-fungible” token.

 Keep in mind that the digital goods themselves aren’t stored inside the token, only attributes relating to them. So while the NFT may point to where the file can be found online, anyone can use that link, and it’s not unique in any way. Furthermore, once the token is created, the creator can sell it to someone else, and that someone will be the new owner of that digital good. To sum it up, a “non-fungible” token is a token on a blockchain that acts as a digital certificate of authenticity. It can be verified instantly and also show the history of its previous owners. 



Aside from being non-fungible or unique, 

  • NFTs are indivisible
  • easily transferable
  • fraud-proof
  • and programmable. 

This means that “non-fungible” token creators can decide that royalties will be paid to them each time an NFT changes hands. 

Examples of popular NFTs

What Are Nft

Some examples of popular NFTs include crypto punks – a collection of 10,000 eight-bit style pixel art images of… well… punks that are sold as “non-fungible” tokens, and their price has already surpassed several millions of dollars. Another example is NBA Top Shot – a marketplace where fans can trade NFTs of NBA moments. These moments are video clips packaged as an NFT, a bit like the trading cards we used to have back in the day. 

So using “non-fungible” tokens for sports highlights is another way players can make money by getting royalties when a Top Shot moment that they are highlighted in gets sold as an NFT. Additional popular examples include Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, selling his first-ever Tweet as a “non-fungible” token and the artist Beeple selling an NFT of his work for 69 million dollars. 

Buying your first NFTs?

Now that we’ve covered the theory, let’s get down to practice – how do you buy an NFT? In general, there are two types of NFT marketplaces – centralized and decentralized. The centralized marketplaces allow you to sign up and fund your account using a credit card or other form of payment.

 For example, Nifty Gateway is a centralized NFT marketplace owned by the exchange Gemini. There, you can buy NFTs using your Gemini balance. On the other hand, if you want to make purchases through a decentralized marketplace, you’ll need a wallet compatible with the blockchain your “non-fungible” token was created on. For example, in Ethereum’s case, MetaMask is the most popular option.

From Metamask word, just remembered to remind you guys about what is Metaverse and NFT Combined! Check out this article on Metaverse to get more ideas about it.


 It’s a wallet built as a browser extension, and you can use it to log into decentralized NFT marketplaces such as OpenSEA or SuperRare. Once you fund your account or wallet, you can just buy or bid on different NFTs in the marketplace. In the end, a “non-fungible” token is just a coin, or token to be more precise, that is stored on your wallet just like any other cryptocurrency. 

Selling your NFTs?

Keep in mind that unless you’re an avid collector, you’ll also need to sell the NFT at some point, and the “non-fungible” token isn’t very liquid. In other words, they don’t always have a market of people who want to buy them, just like it might be hard to find someone who’ll pay thousands of dollars for a rare baseball or pokemon card. 

As you can imagine, this market is very hype-driven. This could lead to a situation where a person buys an NFT for millions of dollars only to find out that he can’t sell it later on since the interest in that specific “non-fungible” token is no longer there. 

What are the uses of “non-fungible” token?

So now we come to the question – if all a “non-fungible” token is basically bragging rights about a digital file, what can I do with it? Well, most people find some creative way to show it off. For example, some NFTs are displayed digitally across art galleries. Another innovative idea that’s been getting quite popular is to use a digital frame that can display the NFT and hang it up in your house. Alternatively, you can use a physical print of the NFT with a QR code next to it pointing to your proof of ownership on the blockchain. There are also online galleries inside virtual worlds that are used for displaying NFTs.

As you can see, the opportunities for displaying your latest digital artwork are abundant. But they aren’t used only for art. Actually, anything that is unique or needs proof of ownership can be created as an NFT. In simple terms, an NFT is a term used for tagging something in the digital world as your own.


 So anything that requires such tagging can benefit from the “non-fungible” token technology. For example, Decentraland ( MANA ) is a virtual world where people can buy digital land sold or used for advertising. Online games or Crypto games can use NFTs to prove ownership of rare digital items that players can then trade amongst themselves. Unstoppable domains, which we’ve covered in the past, use “non-fungible” token to establish domain names ownership. 

NFTs can also be used as collateral in DeFi instead of cryptocurrencies. It’s the equivalent of pawning something you own to get a loan in the real world. NFTfi is one example of a marketplace for NFT collateralized loans. As you can see, the ideas are endless. 

Are NFTs just a Bubble on Crypto Space? 

So are NFTs the next big thing, or are they just a craze like the 2017 ICO mania? It’s hard to say. On the one hand, it seems like everybody’s talking about NFTs, and all the big companies are moving into this space. On the other hand, it’s hard to wrap your head around the concept of people paying millions of dollars for digital proof of ownership without any claim in the real world. I guess only time will tell what the future holds for “non-fungible” tokens. That’s it for today’s article. Hopefully, by now, you know what NFTs are – cryptocurrency tokens that provide proof of ownership for a digital item. 

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