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BEST 4 Altcoins w MASSIVE POTENTIAL in Dec-Jan! [Chainlink & Tezos News]



Crypto News

There are so many big things happening in the cryptocurrency world! First, I will tell you all the recent crypto news about chainlink and Google. Then, we’re going to talk About Ubisoft and Tezos. And then I’ll clue you into low cap altcoin news and even lower cap altcoin news! This is a most helpful article/update that you do not want to miss available only on

Crypto News
crypto news

Former Google CEO Joins Chainlink ( $LINK )

On to the top stories of the day. A question for the readers: do you like chainlink? Are you a fan of chain link? Well, the former Google CEO is a fan of chain link. He likes it a lot, and He is now a strategic advisor for chain link labs, having previously described bitcoin as a With an estimated net worth of roughly 23.6 billion, it is a remarkable cryptographic achievement. Schmidt will almost certainly be one of the wealthiest chainlink advisors. This is a big deal. The details are interesting for $LINK

Check this out also, “Eric Schmidt, the chief executive who later served as the tech company’s and its parent’s executive chair According to the wiki, the Alphabet will work as a strategic advisor for Oracle solutions provider chainlink labs.” 

Quote From Google CEO about Chainlink

A Tuesday announcement chainlink said that Schmidt would guide the firm’s scaling strategy. Sergey Nazarov, the co-founder of chainlink, uses Oracle networks to trigger smart contracts. In addition, he cited Schmidt’s experience building global software platforms for next-generation innovation. This is a huge step in the firm’s decision to bring the former Google executive on board. According to the former Google CEO, the player in the fields is a huge boost for chain link. 

He says. “the launch of blockchains and smart contracts has demonstrated tremendous potential for the But it has become clear that one of blockchain’s greatest advantages is that it is immutable. However, a lack of connection to the outside world itself is also one of its biggest challenges.”

Getting Schmidt worked at Google and Alphabet in addition to Google and Alphabet. Chair of the department of defence’s innovation board and chair of the national security commission. On artificial intelligence, he has served on the boards of Apple, Princeton University, and Carnegie Mellon University. The net worth of Carnegie Mellon University and the Mayo Clinic is estimated to be at $23.6 billion.


Schmidt will most certainly be one of the wealthiest people to the consultant to chain link labs! This is a huge get for a highly connected guy and a huge get for chain link labs!

Ubisoft First Major Gaming Company to Launch In-Game NFT

In other news, Ubisoft is a mainstream gaming giant. Ubisoft is the first major gaming company to launch in-game advertising. If nothing else, this is a huge milestone for crypto for NFTs and gaming in general after years of dabbling in The crypto and the nft space game industry giant! Ubisoft is taking things to the next level. 

Wanna know more about NFTs and Metaverse? Head into this!

Here are The details of mainstream gaming companies. Ubisoft, with popular games under its belt like Assassin’s Creed, And just dance. They were the first major video game publisher interested in experimenting with crypto game prototypes and supporting startups over the last few years. The gaming giant will incorporate nfts into one of its major franchises! 

Huge For Tezos. Huge For Crypto Gaming Adoption. 

Tezos is running in a new initiative that runs on Tezos. This is huge for adoption and a big win for Tezos today. The publisher behind Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance revealed Ubisoft Quartz, a platform that lets Players earn and purchase in-game items tokenized as nfts on the Tezos blockchain.

Ubisoft Quartz will launch first in the PC version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Generally, Ubisoft is referring to its nft drops as digits and intends to make free NFTS available to early adopters on December 9th, 12th, and 15th. And further drops are planned for 2022, so if you’re a gamer, get excited! If you like Tezos, get excited. If you’re interested in real, meaningful cryptocurrency adoption, get excited! 


Cook Finance Launches 3 DeFi Index Platform on Avalanche

Now Low-cap altcoins are making big news today. First, Cook Finance launches the Defi Index platform on Avalanche Quote: We see this launch as providing. This is a simple way for new users to get into DeFi indexes without having to pay exorbitant ethereum gas prices.

Cook finance you’re unfamiliar with a decentralized asset management platform. So what’s going on so similar to index products in traditional finance? The performance of the underlying assets is tracked through index products, which are made up of a list of tokens. As a result, investors may now purchase a diversified crypto portfolio in a single transaction.

Additionally, Cook is launching three new avalanche-focused indexes. The avax ecosystem index includes avax mega-cap yield farming index and an avax stablecoin yield farming index. The two ladder indices will involve a yield farming component through avalanches of yield yak. 

“We’re getting a lot of There is interest from the community in expanding into new chains and layering ones with lower transaction fees. According to Cook, Cook’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) launched in September, inviting The community of cook token holders is invited to participate in the protocol’s governance.” 

I like Cook, They started on Ethereum, and now they’re getting into the Avax ecosystem, definitely a fair deal! 


Cook’s 3 Indexes (What do they do?)

Let’s talk about these indices a little bit more. I wished I could buy an index instead of each coin individually. I hope I can get exposure through an index. The avalanche ecosystem index avax and the top six avax native projects, including trader joe, wonderland, Ben Qi Pangolin, and penguin finance. 

In addition, Cook is also launching a new feature called Issue with a Single Token which makes issuing into an index is as simple as swapping a single token such as avax, usdt, usdc or dye. 

This feature will provide users with one of the fastest speeds available. I encourage you to look into any defy index on Cook. 

Big Rap Artist Partners To Release Music NFTs with Opulous!

Check out the next coin on our list, Opulus, a low cap token right now, so Opulus is launching the next generation of nfts and peer-to-peer DeFi loans to revolutionize how artists get funding and connect! It is built on Algorand ( ALGO ), and they’ve been partnering with major legitimate players this whole year! 

In this case, we’re excited to announce that super duper Kyle joins Opulis to release a full album as A security nft soft launch date is on the way. So it’s cool to see this partnership! 


I’ll see you tomorrow.