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[ LEGIT ] Pay Zero Ethereum Gas Fees with This Trick in 2022!



Pay Zero Ethereum Gas Fees

Hey guys, in this article, I’m going to teach you how to pay zero ethereum gas fees for transactions because the ethereum gas fees are super high, so stop paying too many ethereum and too many dollars for your transaction fees!

Did you know that you can edit your gas fees on a particular transaction? So you can almost Pay Zero Ethereum Gas Fees!

For example, let’s say I end my stake here on EthGasStation. I will receive 25, and I have to pay 100 dollars of the gas fee. It says Insufficient funds. Now, what will I press edit so this is already a little less than 124 dollars. So if the transaction goes slow, average, it’s even higher and faster, it’s 170 dollars. I mean, I’m not going to pay 124 dollars to receive 25 dollars, right?

Pay Zero Ethereum Gas Fees
Here its showing 143$ for a Gas fee for a transaction of 25$
Pay Zero Ethereum Gas Fees
Now this is Tx Calculator, here you can find how much time will transaction take to complete, so accordingly, you can edit your gas fee
Pay Zero Ethereum Gas Fees
in Advance settings: putting minimum
gas fee limit of 21000

So I’m going to go to the advanced setting option; what is the minimum gas limit of “21 000”? So we enter 21 000 and boom! It’s only six dollars now, but it’s still six dollars.

Now, this is a convenient website. You go to the tx calculator gas. This is the minimum, and here you can see the fastest 234 Gwei cheap 154 Gwei, but let’s check, for example, 50 Gwei. You press submit. It will take 312 blocks. So the confirmation time for one block for ethereum is around 15 seconds, so the time to confirm is 4196 seconds, or one hour, or 69 minutes for 50 Gwei, so instead of 169, enter 50. let’s check if you only enter 10 Gwei.


If you only want to pay 10 Gwei, you press submit. It will take you a little bit longer. Four thousand one hundred and ninety-eight. So when you enter 10 Gwei, point 36.

what a difference, guys! from 140 to only 36 cents. You can play with this, but of course, don’t put, don’t put zero. The minimum, of course, is one Gwei, and then it will take seven thousand five hundred and seventy 74 seconds, so it will take about two hours and forty-so what happens when you enter one here? Zero gas fees, guys!

then you press save. It’s going to take a very a pretty long time. It could take more than two hours, but if you don’t stress, if you don’t mind, your transaction coming in slowly, maybe in two hours, perhaps the next day. Suppose you’re not worried that you can do it like this and pay zero gas fees, well, a little bit four cents. Still, it’s closer to zero than 140 dollars, right?

Then you press confirm, and it’s going to confirm it for you. Then uh, you can make some popcorn and wait for the transaction to be completed, so guys, it’s also possible that with 1 Gwei, it won’t work, but then enter a little bit more 5 Gwei 10 Gwei 15 Gwei 20 Gwei.

So if you send one ethereum, I won’t take any risks. Just put a little bit more. If you have to pay 10 cents instead of 4 cents, 50 cents, or even one dollar, that’s the most crucial thing if you receive your ethereum. I mean, if you send one ethereum and you have to pay five dollars, it’s okay. I mean, if you spend a few dollars.


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[ Legit ] Pay Zero Ethereum Gas Fees With This Trick In 2022!
Pay Zero Ethereum Gas Fees

Frequently Asked Question

1 ) How can I prevent having to pay gas ETH fees?
When the gas costs are cheap, you can mint a large number of gas tokens. Redeem your gas tokens into ETH when you need to complete a network transaction. Use the ETH you’ve been given to pay for the gas. Also, you can find a quick trick so you can Pay Zero Ethereum Gas Fees on any transaction!

2) When is the cheapest ETH gas?
You should conduct transactions early in the morning, between 1 and 3 a.m. UTC, or late at night, between 9 and 11 p.m. UTC, if you want to pay the lowest Ethereum gas fees.

3) What exactly are gas fees?
The transaction costs that users pay to miners on a blockchain protocol to get their transaction included in the block are referred to as “gas fees.” A typical supply and demand mechanism governs the system. Want to know more? Here is a detailed article on Ethereum Gas fees.

4) What are Ethereum gas costs and how do they work?
Users pay gas fees to compensate for the computer power necessary to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum network. A larger gas limit implies you’ll have to put in more effort to complete an ETH or smart contract transaction.

5) How is the cost for an ETH transaction calculated?
The amount of Ether paid to the miner for executing a transaction, computed by multiplying the quantity of gas consumed by the gas price.