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( MUST READ ) Shiba Inu receives a huge endorsement in 2022!



Shiba Inu

The Shib Army has unquestionably adopted their favourite meme symbol! Shiba Inu is the people’s cryptocurrency, and its meteoric rise over the last year has made a lot of its ardent followers very wealthy.

It’s even attracted some well-known fans, like Elon Musk, and now its owners have been given an early Christmas surprise!

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu BitStamp Adoption?

So the Japanese dog is no longer a mystery. Shib has finally been added to Bitsamp, but how important is Shiba Inu’s adoption of Bitsamp? With 4.4 million members globally, BitStamp is Europe’s largest crypto exchange. It’s also one of the most reliable and user-friendly exchangers. BitStamp is progressively increasing its market share in the United States.

Users will also be able to exchange the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency for Euros and US Dollars using BitStamp. In addition, Shib users will make withdrawals and deposits. So that’s major news, and Shib’s price has reflected it – while trying to swim against the flow of recent red, it’s had two surges in the last week and one in the last 24 hours!

The SHIB army wasted no time expressing their delight at Shiba Inu’s adoption on Twitter. The action by BitStamp will surely offer more gasoline to the Shiba rocket.

Is Newegg collaborating with the Shib?

However, Bitsamp isn’t the only one who has lately joined the Shib Army. Newegg, an online electronic goods company, has chosen to accept SHIB tokens as payment. In addition, Shib is accepted as payment for tickets and snacks at AMC Theatres, an American movie theatre chain.


Bitpay wallet app integration

BitPay, the world’s largest cryptocurrency payment provider, has also included Shib into its wallet software. In addition, the Vegas Auto Gallery has agreed to accept Shiba as payment for high-end supercars, with the caveat that you’ll need billions of Shiba to buy one. A 300,000 Shib sports vehicle, for example, would cost more than 8.9 billion Shib.

Shib is now accepted as a payment method on Travala.

Travala, a Binance-backed blockchain-based travel company, has allowed Shiba crypto payments, while CoinGate, a Lithuanian firm, now accepts Shiba payments.

Spain’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has listed Shiba Inu.

Bit2Me, a Spanish cryptocurrency exchange, has opted to add another canine token to its roster of recognized cryptocurrencies seven months after launching Dogecoin. Users of Bit2Me may now purchase, sell, and trade Shiba, the year’s best-performing cryptocurrency. SHIB continues to expand its foothold in Europe with the Bit2Me listing.

So much is going on for the sweet little dog, and it’s tough to ignore its relentless nudge. The coin has benefited from its new listings. It will almost certainly benefit even more if additional venues and exchanges accept it — the mooning may not be finished just yet!

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