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Top 5 undervalued metaverse coins and gems to skyrocket for 100x Gains!



Undervalued Metaverse Coins

The Undervalued Metaverse coins, a topic that didn’t gain traction until October 28th, when Mark Zuckerberg declared that Facebook would be rebranded to Meta, causing the price of anything metaverse-related to rise.

Domains in the Metaverse are being sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Even before that, a Undervalued Metaverse coins domain sold for $175,000 on eBay. Furthermore, metaverse equities and cryptos rose three to five times overnight due to the news, and metaverse properties and boats are being auctioned for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Whether you agree with all of this or not, I believe the metaverse is an area of investing that we should investigate further, which is why I hired two full-time researchers. I spent over 10 hours with them and myself investigating the top Undervalued Metaverse coins cryptos that have a possibility to 5x, 10x, or even 100x by 2022.

That’s why, today, I’m going to let you know the top five Undervalued Metaverse coins I discovered during my investigation. Let’s get started.

My criteria for this whole “metaverse” thing

Today, we’ll be discussing a branch of cryptography that I believe has a lot of potential in the future. And that, my friends, is the metaverse. So, where do you start while researching undervalued Metaverse coins and cryptos?


Because there are so many projects available, I went ahead and began my journey with Coin Market Cap. I went to the metaverse tab and ordered the market capitalizations from largest to smallest. And I chose to go for anything less than a market cap of $300 million. And I looked for projects with more than a 50% circulating supply of their currency. Unfortunately, only the last two out of the five fit that condition.

I sought to pick something with more than a 50% circulating supply because it reduces the risk of the investing team dumping all of the coins on the investors.

However, even though three of the projects I discovered did not fit those requirements, I believe there is a lot of potential here.

And, as always, I’m not a financial expert; I’m just a crypto enthusiast sharing what I’m doing in my portfolio with you. Let’s get started.

Project #5 (DAR)

Undervalued Metaverse Coins

Mines of Dalarna, ticker symbol DAR, is the first project on the list, with an 800 million circulating supply. And just around 15% of it has been made public. And this project, which began in 2021 and currently has a market worth of roughly $275 million, was started in 2021. It’s an action-adventure game that blends the dungeon-crawling and mining genres.

There are two types of players in the game: miners and landowners. Miners are characters who mine the dungeon, their land, and rented land. And renting is done with the game’s Dar token, which is also used for all in-game purchases and the Dow token. People who work as miners will be able to get minerals or different levels of dungeons from different levels and types of them.


The game itself is still in the testing phase, with a release date set for Q1 of 2022. So, why do I enjoy this game so much? I believe it has a lot of potential for passive revenue because you can rent your land and mine for Dar tokens on it. You can not only mine Dar, but you can also stake the Dar you abundance on multiple planets, allowing you to earn even more passive revenue.

Undervalued Metaverse Coins

And the reason I like it even more is that by staking your Dar, you’re effectively locking it up, reducing supply, and hopefully increasing demand. And I enjoy all of the passive income layers in this game because I believe the utility will keep people coming back. Last but not least, this project will have land sales anytime between now and the end of the year, so keep an eye out for those as well. 

Project #4 (NTVRK)

Undervalued Metaverse Coins

With a market cap of 121 million, Network is now number four on the list. As a result, it has a lower market capitalization and a circulating supply of 100 million coins. The company has released 31% of its tokens so far. This initiative did start this year.

Undervalued Metaverse Coins

This game allows you to generate in-game assets that may be minted as NFTs, and it already has several agreements with blockchains, including Void, Sidus Heroes, and others. In addition, the token will now be utilized for all in-game transactions, including buildings, land, and land parcels.

Project #3 (WILD)

Undervalued Metaverse Coins

With the ticker symbol WILD, Wilder Worlds is now number three on the list. And this is a concept that I came across while researching my land investment.

Wild now has a market capitalization of just over $300 million. So it’s barely beyond the criteria I was looking for to buy in, but it’s already released 15% of its circulating supply of the 500 million tokens it started with.

Wilder World is now an artist’s Dow and a liquid NFT marketplace, with built-in platforms like the Artist’s Guild, a network community for artists that help them collaborate on ideas and projects. It also features a Mint Factory component, allowing digital 3D artists to design, mint, and drop NFTs.

Undervalued Metaverse Coins

I believe that 3D art and NFTs have enormous potential. This project intrigues me because it’s effectively a Miami-sized universe based on the Ready Player One property, built on Real Engine Five, with usable, traded NFTs. Unfortunately, the latter two are both relatively minor market cap bets. Both have a market capitalization of less than $20 million.

Project #2 (DXO)

Undervalued Metaverse Coins

Deep Space coin, ticker code DXO, is ranked second, with a market cap of $15 million and a project that debuted this year. You may now purchase this project on Uniswap, and it does have a circulating quantity of 1 trillion tokens; however, 68 percent of these have already been released. It’s also a project that claims to be the first to earn Blockchain Universe, a game where you can conquer new regions in unknown universes.

Undervalued Metaverse Coins

They appear to be nearing the conclusion of the first of their three-part roadmap. The second section of the roadmap outlines when they will introduce NFT. The third section will include land sales as well as VR capabilities. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate any specific dates for this project, but it appears attractive. And I’ll be keeping an eye on Discord and Twitter.

Project #1 (EQ)

Undervalued Metaverse Coins

Equilibrium Games, ticker symbol EQ, was created in October of this year and had a market cap of just under 20 million. It is the last on the list and my favorite project. There are just a hundred million tokens left in this project, and half of them have already been distributed. As a result, I predict the value of this token to skyrocket as its utility grows.

It will have a mobile component available in Q1 of 2022. It will be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) akin to World of Warcraft or League of Legends, and it will be released at the end of 2022. In addition, they’ll now have land for sale, with features that will generate passive revenue. One of these aspects is that landowners will receive taxes from those who slay monsters on their property.

Undervalued Metaverse Coins
Undervalued Metaverse coins

After reading this post, let me know what Undervalued Metaverse coins projects you have invested in or are interested in. Thanks, guys; stay safe out there, and I’ll see you next time only on