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What Is the Best Way to Calculate Cryptocurrency Profits in 2022?



Cryptocurrency Profits

Digital asset or Cryptocurrency profits may be made in various methods, including long-term investments, trading, scalping, and mining. Calculating Cryptocurrency profits is a simple math problem that is relatively straightforward. However, there are a few things to consider before calculating the profits and losses. This blog post will explain how to calculate bitcoin earnings and provide you with valuable tools for keeping track of your investments.

Simple Calculations to find Cryptocurrency profits

It’s hardly rocket science to figure out how much money you can make with bitcoin. It is based on the mathematical notion of calculating profits and losses. However, additional elements like the current market price of the cryptocurrency, exchange costs, gas expenses, investment charges, and so on must be considered before estimating the ultimate profit.

Let’s have a look at how to calculate bitcoin profits now. You usually use a fiat currency such as the dollar or the Euro to calculate earnings.

Let’s say you paid $60,000 for two Bitcoins (BTC) and then sold them for $1,20,000. The profit will be calculated as the difference between Bitcoins’ selling and cost price.


Here, 2 BTCs = $1,20,000 in selling price 2 BTCs are worth $60,000 each. $1,20,000 – $60,000 = $60,000 profit

This is the most straightforward method for calculating bitcoin earnings. However, keep in mind that the $60,000 is the gross profit, not the net profit. This is because you must subtract additional connected expenditures incurred throughout the trading period to arrive at the net profit.

Trading fees may apply when you trade on a cryptocurrency exchange. When you send cryptocurrencies to a customer or a liquidity provider, or when you do a transaction on a cryptocurrency exchange, you must pay these costs.

As a result, you must exclude the exchange expenses from the gross earnings when computing net profit. As an example, suppose your transaction cost is 2.5%.

$1,20,000 in total sales $60,000 total cost $1,20,000 – $60,000 = $60,000 gross profit Transaction costs are 2.5% of total sales, thus 2.5% of $1,20,000 equals $3000. As a result, net profit equals total profit minus fees, which equals $60,000 – $3000 = $57000.


Calculating the Profits from Cryptocurrency Mining

Bitcoin mining may be expensive, especially when considering the underlying expenses of the process. To make money, the mining price has to be higher than the cost of mining Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Miners suffer operational expenditures like power use and the price of setting up a computer system to mine cryptocurrency. The price of power is also affected by the miner’s location. In addition, the total cost can be affected by hashing power, overall watt usage, and pool fees for staking or mining cryptocurrency. You may also use mining calculators to figure out how much money you’ll make: — Here, you can see the hash rates of mining pools in real-time. The network hash rates, power expenses, total cost, profit ratio, and predicted mining earnings are all calculated using the mining pool calculator.

CryptoCompare Calculator – You can mine BTC, ETC, ETH, XMR, DASH, LTC, and ZEC currencies with CryptoCompare. You may compute the profit per day, week, month, or year by factoring in mining costs, power usage in watts, and pool fees.

Calculators for doing a Cryptocurrency profits

Crypto profit calculators are frequently used by traders who invest in numerous cryptocurrencies to compute gains and losses quickly.


Sabe Calculator – This simple calculator includes courses, seminars, and tools to help you calculate your cryptocurrency earnings in minutes. You must specify the cryptocurrency you purchased, the number of tokens you purchased, and the cost price. Based on the prices listed on CoinMarketCap, the Sabe calculator will determine the profits and losses made.

Easy Bitcoin Calculator — Similar tool as above, Easy Bitcoin Calculator helps you figure out how much money you made or lost investing in Bitcoin. You must input the purchase price, sale price, and total quantity of Bitcoins, and unlike the Sabe calculator, you may also include the transaction costs. In addition, you may use either the long or short techniques to calculate the profits.

Calculating Profits from Crypto to Fiat

When we figure out how much money we make from trading crypto for cash, we need to think about the exchange rate between the two currencies. Traders must select how much to retain and when to sell currencies to optimize profits. Before determining the highest earnings, the exchanges’ transaction fees and network fees should be considered. Using the following calculators, you can simply assess the exchange rates:

CryptoMarketCap Calculator – With this calculator, you can convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies and vice versa. Enter the number of currencies you want to convert, the fiat or cryptocurrency you want to convert to, and the calculator will calculate the price. For example, BTC, BNB, XRP, ETH, DOGE, USDC, Polkadot, and many more cryptocurrencies may be converted into fiat currencies such as USD, AUD, ARS, ALL, BDT, BYN, and many others.

Currexy – Choose a coin and convert it to USD, EUR, or fiat money using our cryptocurrency converter. You may use the tool to see currency trends and prices and compare them to other currencies. Then, in the currency section, type the currency you wish to trade, select the conversion currency, and get the results right away.


Using Crypto Taxes to Calculate Cryptocurrency profits

Cryptocurrency profits, like any other kind of income, are taxed. Even though earnings or income earned from cryptocurrencies are considered passive income, many government agencies, financial institutions, and tax collectors consider their taxable revenue.

Your tax liability will be determined by some criteria, including:

  • The area in which you live. Taxes will be determined according to the country’s tax rules.
  • The total number of cryptocurrencies purchased.
  • The date of the auction.
  • The value of a fiat currency at the time of purchase or sale.

Profits from crypto assets will be subject to taxes. Subtract the cost base from the revenues to arrive at the profits. For instance, if your cost basis is $10,000 and your earnings are $20,000, your profit is $10,000. (proceeds minus cost basis). The tax will be based on the earnings, which will be $10,000. Remember that only the net gains, not the whole earnings or income, are taxed.

The taxable amount is also determined by the length of time a trader keeps crypto assets. The more cryptocurrency you own, the lower your taxes will be. As a result, if you store cryptocurrencies for a longer time, your taxes will be lower than if you only hold them for a short time. As a result, holding crypto assets for the long term is always advantageous. Note that taxes are only charged on earnings, and traders who lose money do not pay capital gains tax.

Crypto tax calculators, such as the Crypto Trader Tax, are available on the market in various formats. These tools gather data and transaction histories from several mining pools and exchanges, compute your overall capital gains or losses, and provide income and tax reports.

Conclusion on cryptocurrency profits

Cryptocurrency Profits
Cryptocurrency profits

Cryptocurrency trading may be advantageous, but it can also be highly hazardous owing to the market’s unpredictability. As a result, it is essential for investors, especially new ones, to look over their earnings and losses carefully. Free online profit calculators may be pretty valuable in calculating earnings in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the outcomes are precise and hassle-free.

Learning to calculate crypto gains or losses is only one step in calculating the overall taxes you must pay on Crypto. Still, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of how these gains or losses can affect your tax season, as well as what options are available to offload some of that tax burden. Furthermore, knowing how to calculate crypto profits and losses will assist you in making smarter investing decisions since when you decide to realize those gains is more important than you would think.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is there a distinction between realized and unrealized gains?

Gains on cryptocurrencies or real estate are not “realized” until the item is sold, exchanged, or spent. That is, if you purchased BTC and have kept it without selling or trading it, you have just unrealized profits or losses, not actual gains or losses.

It’s a good idea to keep track of your unrealized profits and losses, but crypto traders have been caught off guard in the past when they switched BTC for altcoins (in 2017 and 2018) and triggered a significant gain towards the end of 2017 owing to the market’s high. While the value of those cryptocurrencies declined, traders expected to claim a loss when paying taxes, only to find out that they couldn’t since they hadn’t sold the coins yet. Therefore, it’s critical to distinguish between profits and losses that have already been realized and those that have yet to be achieved.

2) How do you calculate Cryptocurrency profits?


Crypto profit is calculated by deducting the selling price from the cryptocurrency’s cost price. That is one of the most basic methods for calculating profit and loss.

3) Do you pay taxes on crypto gains or Cryptocurrency profits?

The IRS treats bitcoin earnings in the same way it treats any other type of financial gain. That is, short-term capital gains will be taxed at conventional rates (up to 37 percent in 2021 and 2022, depending on your income) for assets held for less than a year.

4) How to Calculate Position Lot Sizes, Margin, and Profit/Loss?

When making your manual Cryptocurrency profits calculations, there are five trading terms that you must understand. These are lots, margin requirements, leverage, profit, and currency conversions. We will soon cover all these topics in the following article! So stay tuned for that!


>That’s All for today, Happy Crypto Learning; I Pushkar is now signing off to come back with new exciting topics to discuss with you all fellas on Crypto! Only at? You are right,! And Always DYOR NFA!<3

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Crypto News in Russia & Ukraine War Invasion Conflict !🚀 Bitcoin New Digital Gold in War in 2022?



Russia &Amp; Ukraine

This crypto news update is regarding the Russia & Ukraine war conflict, how cryptocurrency plays an essential role in bypassing sanctions, and much more! So let’s go!

As you guys know, with the Russia and Ukraine conflict going on, crypto has been in the spotlight lately because there are so many sanctions out; therefore, the Russian government wants to use crypto as a loophole. So basically, crypto is becoming more popular than ever. We will address some of the significant issues described in this article. And the overall crypto market guys have been a little bit shaky. 

Lately, the crypto market has been going up and down at the time of the recording, bitcoin is going down again six percent at about 39040, ethereum is down 2686, and Binance coin ( BNB ) is 378. 

It seems like this war conflict will be going on for a while because, as you guys know, Putin and the French president had a long one-hour discussion, and it seems like Putin is not giving away, and he’s going to make this a long-term conflict. 


So can crypto be used to avoid sanctions during Russia & Ukraine

That is an excellent question because, as you guys know right now, many Russian banks are sanctioned, and portions of the swift system are also sanctioned. So this has led to a debate on whether cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, can evade the restrictions because cryptocurrency is decentralized. There’s no way to enforce cryptocurrency restrictions.

It seems like one of the big things that they’re planning to do is that cryptocurrency exchanges will be on high alert to enforce the sanctions, and it goes on to say that every u.s business has to follow the law. So be up to like us entities like Binance, coinbase, and whichever cryptocurrency exchange out of the u.s or any countries that have those sanctions it’ll be up to them to enforce it.

And they’ll be doing this with global watch lists and blocking transactions from different IP addresses from Russia & Ukraine. So it is saying that it will definitely try to enforce it, but there is no guarantee because, as you guys know, people can use VPNs and different things like that.

And then the second issue, guys, is if bitcoin isn’t the digital goal, and I love bitcoin. As you see right now, if you guys had bought into bitcoin like before the pandemic started, you would know that you’re doing pretty well. Bitcoin has a market capitalization of 748 million, along with ethereum. It’s like the biggest or has the most market share globally. So I think it’s definitely a digital goal. It’s going to be around for a long time. So it’s hard to put sanctions around bitcoin.

Just because it has to be enforced, kind of like at the cryptocurrency exchange level, because cryptocurrency costs will be stored like in a wallet or metamask, and there’s no way to implement things like that.

Russia &Amp; Ukraine
Russia & Ukraine

 And then the third major issue that this article talks about is that blockchain technology is proven, and just recently, guys, for the war efforts, Ukraine is now accepting dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies for donation. They have managed to raise 35 million dollars already!

So as you see, cryptocurrency is making a significant impact, and I think as long as you’re dealing with cryptocurrencies like in the top 10 or the top 20, as you see right here, bitcoin, ethereum, TESLA, BNB, & XRP things like that. All of these cryptocurrency guys, they’re proven!

 okay, there’s like no loopholes, there are no scams, there are no things like that, but some of the other cryptocurrencies, such as smart contracts or meme tokens that people start with smart contracts are very dangerous just because the person that creates the smart contract owns all the tokens but as long as they’re trading with the top 10 or top 20 cryptocurrencies such as dogecoin and so forth I think it’s going to be okay

 I think this is an exciting time to be in crypto; even though the crypto market is not doing too well recently just because of the war efforts and the overall stock market is down, the Crypto market is here to stay going to be a way for people to use as a different way to stash their income stash their assets.

So if you guys enjoy this crypto news update regarding the Russian & Ukraine conflict. With all our informative articles are just for entertainment purposes, I’m not a financial advisor. It’s not financial advice. Please make sure you do research, so thank you guys for reading and having me your time!

Do check out more articles on


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How to buy Bitgert BRC-20 ( $BRISE ) Token in the current market in 2022



How To Buy Bitgert Brc-20 ( $Brise ) Token In The Current Market In 2022

Obtaining some coins is more complex than others. One of them is Bitgert. Unfortunately, Coinbase, Binance, and other popular centralized exchanges don’t have it. But don’t worry; we’ve included some pointers to assist you in locating a Bitgert purchase option that works for you.

So, hello, forks. This is me, Pushkar, and today I will let you know how you can easily Buy Bitgert BRC-20 Token easily through the centralized or decentralized exchange at your ease. So, let’s get dive into it!

Buy Bitgert Brc-20
How to Buy Bitgert BRC-20

Steps on How to Buy Bitgert BRC-20 Token easily in Market

1) Check CoinMarketCap to see where and with which currencies you can buy Bitgert.

CoinMarketCap gives a list of where you can buy each cryptocurrency (also known as market pairs). For example, it is possible to find Bitgert on CoinMarketCap if you search for it. The “Market” button is near the price chart. 

This view shows you all the places where you can buy Bitgert, as well as the currencies you can use to buy it. This is where you’ll see the Bitgert abbreviation BRISE and the name of the other currency. Two currencies can be used to buy Bitgert. The second one can be used to Buy Bitgert BRC-20.


If you want to buy BRISE in US dollars, look for the symbol BRISE/USD on the market.

2) Choose a way to buy things.

Platforms aren’t all the same regarding security, reliability, and liquidity. So before you open an account for Buy Bitgert BRC-20, do your study.

3) In step three, you can buy something on the platform of your choice.

There are different ways to do things on each platform. Some platforms are straightforward, while others are not easy to use.

It’s easier to buy crypto with a fiat currency, like the US dollar, than to buy it with another cryptocurrency.

Exchange with where you can buy Bitgert BRC-20 Coin at your ease! Just click to your favourite exchange and you will go to the Sign up page! Easy? Yes that’s what simplicity Cryptocurrencysimple get you!

  • PancakeSwap (V2)
  • MEXC
  • BitMart
  • XT.COM
  • IndoEx
  • BitForex
  • Hotbit

The first step is to build a Bitgert-compatible crypto wallet. Then you’ll need to buy the first cryptocurrency and use it to buy Bitgert on the platform of your choice.

Most platforms have help guides if you get stuck on them. Many people love crypto and have written guides on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media sites if they don’t.

More about what’s happening with Bitgert BRC-20 Token

Bitgert’s price has dropped 0.13 percent in the last seven days. During the previous 24 hours, the price rose by 10.70 percent. The price has increased by 0.65% in the previous hour. The current BRISE price is 0.000058. The new price is 0.000058, which is a new all-time high.


BRISE Swap is a decentralized exchange based on the Binance Smart Chain, a faster and more affordable alternative to Pancakeswap.

BRISE Token Roadmap

Buy Bitgert Brc-20

A Staking Program for BRISE Revenue Sharing

BRISE staking is a scheme designed to share revenue with our investors and Auto-BNB payouts in BUSD with additional APY 80 percent returns.

Wallet for BRISE dApps

BRISE dApp Wallet is a multi-coin wallet that allows you to send securely, receive, store, and swap various cryptocurrencies. In addition, the application offers you a secure access key that prevents unauthorized access to your assets. BRISE dApp Wallet will be available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices, with multi-coin compatibility allowing you to buy and sell hundreds of coins and blockchain kinds.

Tweet from the BRISE official dev team

I hope you find this article helpful while you buy Bitgert BRC-20 Token. Rest is all you need to do is have a good investment mindset. I will also write a detailed article on tips or points to make your investment plan. I am all done for now. Allow me to leave and check out more on Buy Bitgert BRC-20 Coin on


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Bitgert BRC-20 could take over as the leading blockchain in terms of gas fees in 2022.



Bitgert Brc-20

This is how it works: The Bitgert team built and launched its own blockchain, which is called Bitgert BRC-20.

In the beginning, the Bitgert project was a DeFi protocol that was built on top of the Binance smart chain. It took the Bitgert team six months to develop and launch their own blockchain, but that didn’t stop them. The BRISE BRC20 blockchain is the most talked about topic in the crypto world because it is so disruptive. This is why Bitgert BRC-20 is going up in value when all the other top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Shiba Inu go down. Then, read on:

Bitgert BRC-20

Bitgert Brc-20
Bitgert BRC-20

One of the essential things Bitgert did to become a company. Finally, the Bitgert BRC-20 team worked on it. It was one of the last things they worked on. When the market didn’t expect it, the BRISE BRC20 blockchain just came out, which was a surprise. The zero gas fee feature and the fastest speed have been the most exciting things for people in the crypto world to learn about. In addition, the Bitgert BRC-20 chain can run smart contracts, and it can run on the EVM. If you’re a developer, Bitgert will be one of the best tools you have. These are why Bitgert is going up so much in the bear market.


Bitgert Brc-20 Could Take Over As The Leading Blockchain In Terms Of Gas Fees In 2022.

This means that the Centcex price hasn’t changed very much. This means that it can be called “stable.” But Centcex is one of the cryptocurrencies that Bitgert has already dominated. The team has been working on making as many products as possible. Already, the new Centcex exchange is in the final stages of development. That’s not all. The Centcex team still has a long way to go before beating Bitgert’s performance, like developing a blockchain. I think that’s how it can compete with other things in the crypto market: by making money.


Bitgert Brc-20 Could Take Over As The Leading Blockchain In Terms Of Gas Fees In 2022.

Coins that have had their value fall the most: Bitcoin is the best of them all. There’s no doubt that Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that isn’t doing very well in the market. It’s down more than 5%. However, it is one of the most potent cryptocurrencies on the market right now. Even so, Bitgert BRC-20 has a faster chain and a lower gas fee that might put bitcoin in a tough spot soon. Before now, Bitcoin has been one of the slowest blockchains in the crypto world, but now it is getting faster.

The Shiba Inu

Bitgert Brc-20 Could Take Over As The Leading Blockchain In Terms Of Gas Fees In 2022.

The Shiba Inu price has been going down as the crypto market has been in a bear run since the middle of this week. Because Shiba might have been one of the cryptocurrencies that made significant gains in the last bull run, it might do the same in the next bull run. It might be that the Shiba Inu team needs to do more work on the products if they want Bitgert to do well, even in a lousy market. Building a blockchain for the network, as the Bitgert team did, might be a good idea.


Bitgert Brc-20 Could Take Over As The Leading Blockchain In Terms Of Gas Fees In 2022.

Elon Musk’s Dogecoin price has been going down a lot in the last few days. Though the coin has been doing very well, it hasn’t been able to keep its price stable. Dogecoin was one of the top cryptocurrencies that saw a significant price drop. They have a lot of work to do to keep the cryptocurrency overtaken by new coins like Bitgert. To do this, we need to make more products for both the network and the Dogecoin blockchains.


Bitgert Brc-20

The Ethereum coin hasn’t done very well in the last few days. At this writing, the cryptocurrency was still in the red. The second-largest cryptocurrency in the market is called Ethereum. It is also the second most helpful cryptocurrency in the market. However, the chain hasn’t been able to keep up with the demand for the coin. Bitgert BRC-20 and other cryptocurrencies are now a force to be reckoned with because they have a faster and cheaper gas than Ethereum. So Ethereum has a rival that it needs to beat.

The Binance Coin can be bought and sold on this site.

Bitgert Brc-20

BNB, which stands for Binance, hasn’t done very well in the market, but it hasn’t dropped as much as Bitcoin. So I think it can be said to be one of the cryptocurrencies that kept its prices stable. But BNB is one of the cryptocurrencies with a lot of room to grow, just like Bitgert BRC-20. However, Bitgert BRC-20 has a meager gas fee faster than the Binance chain. So when Bitgert goes green and goes up, Binance goes down and goes into the red.

That is all from my side for today, For more information, do check out other articles on, I Pushkar, singing out and I will see you in a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is Bitgert Crypto and how does it work?


The Bitgert team has created a ground-breaking blockchain that has shaken even the most powerful chains in the market. The gasless chain is the most important characteristic that has allowed Bitgert BRC20 blockchain to outperform nearly all of its competitors. Because the gas charge is $0.0000000000001, this blockchain has no gas fee.

2) Is it wise to invest in Brise?

In the year 2022, the token will reach a high value, providing you with the greatest degree of profit. Yes, if you’re wondering, we’d like to inform you that this token has the potential to provide you with a fantastic profit. You will adore this token and will undoubtedly invest in it.

3) What is the best way to receive Bitrise coin?

Bitrise Coin is now available on Bitmart,, Pancakeswap, and Hotbit exchanges.


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