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9 Weekly Crypto news: WhatsApp Pilots Crypto Payments in 2022



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Cryptocurrency payments are now available through WhatsApp. Find out what transpired at the trial of the alleged Bitcoin pioneer and who is still optimistic about the cryptocurrency. This and other stories appeared in Crypto this week. Here’s what occurred in the world of cryptocurrency this week.

9 Weekly Crypto News: Whatsapp Pilots Crypto Payments In 2022

Whatsapp now supports cryptocurrency payments.

In the first instance, the cryptocurrency wallet service Novi has announced the extension of its trial programme on the world’s most popular messaging application, Whatsapp, which Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta owns. As a result, select users in the United States will now purchase, transmit, and receive dollar-pegged stablecoins produced by Paxos within the chat app due to this collaboration.

Craig Wright is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom. “A Bitcoin Inventor,” you say?

Craig Wright, a computer scientist who claims to have developed bitcoin, has won a legal battle against his former business partner in the United States. Wright was sentenced to pay $100 million to the firm of his late partner for intellectual property infringement, but he was allowed to keep the 1.1 million early mined Bitcoins that he says he has access to as part of his settlement. However, despite repeated requests, Wright has never demonstrated that he has access to Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet, and it is highly unlikely that they are in his possession.

Reddit is planning to increase its cryptocurrency prizes.

After everything was said and done, the social media network Reddit launched its Community Points pilot programme and set up a queue for individuals who wanted to request the feature for their community, or “subreddit.” Users can earn Community Points by publishing material and participating in discussions in qualifying subreddits.

The points may be exchanged for cryptocurrency, used to purchase features, or used to participate in community governance.

UBISOFT to launch In-Game NFTs

UBISOFT is preparing to debut. NFTs that occur in-game


According to the company Ubisoft Quartz, a new game from major video game publisher Ubisoft, allows players to earn and purchase in-game products tokenized as NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. Also included are NFT drops, which include goods such as free weapon skins, unique armour and gear, as well as a note teasing future initiatives: “This is only the beginning…”.

Coinbase will support hardware wallets.

Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange, will enable crypto hardware wallets, starting with Ledger. Customers who use the Coinbase Wallet browser extension will be able to link their Ledger hardware wallets starting next year, allowing them to preserve complete control over their assets while preserving self-custody. In the future, Coinbase’s mobile app will be able to handle Ledger hardware wallets as well.

Australia has proposed new legislation to regulate cryptocurrency.

An attempt to bring the laws governing Australia’s payment systems into the modern era has resulted in new legislation being suggested that include the classification of cryptocurrency-related services and goods, therefore bringing digital assets “out of the dark.” In addition, organizations that purchase and sell cryptocurrencies will be required to obtain a licence, and the government is now developing a licencing framework for crypto exchanges in the United States.

The CIA has revealed its participation with Crypto.

William Burns, the director of the Central Intelligence Organization, has acknowledged that the agency presently has numerous separate cryptocurrency-related operations in progress. For example, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is particularly concerned about ransomware attacks and aiding other agencies in the United States government by giving reliable information about cryptocurrencies.

MicroStrategy purchased the DIP.

Microstrategy has added more than 1000 Bitcoins to its treasury in less than two weeks after making its first purchase of Bitcoins. The current value of the company’s Bitcoin holdings is around USD 6 billion. The company’s CEO, Michael Saylor, quickly became bitcoin’s greatest supporter. He repeated his confidence that bitcoin will eventually replace Gold in a tweet, which can be seen here “Gold is a rock that has died. There is just no chance for it.”


Cathie Wood is Extremely Bullish on the Future of Bitcoin’s Price.

Cathie Wood, the CEO of Ark Investment, believes that a mere injection of 5 percent of institutional money could increase the value of Bitcoin by another $500,000. She argued that cryptocurrency is a new asset class with a correlation that is extremely distinct from existing asset classes, making it a vital component of diversification and the Holy Grail of asset allocation.

That’s exactly what occurred this week in the cryptocurrency world. We’ll see you again next week. I hope you can readily receive crypto news every week! Also, don’t forget to check out daily for the latest cryptocurrency news!